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Many conservatives are really frustrated these days.  I find myself on a roller coaster of emotions waiting for election results or the next big story to break. It can be overwhelming until I get grounded. Grounded in eternal truths and the Constitution. Article 2 explains the role of the President as having power to direct the military, when they are called to action by the legislature, and to represent the states in foreign affairs. Everything else outlined in Article 2 is with the advice and consent of Congress. So why have we progressed to this level of attack and defense over ‘our guy or gal’? It is because we have allowed government to over reach the bounds of the Constitution. One crises, or inconvenience led to one over reach and then another and pretty soon the act of over reaching leads to the problem itself. Now, we look to the federal government to solve every single problem or inconvenience we have. We the people have buried our own grave and this election cycle will not pull us out of it. It may lead to dirt being thrown in on top of us, but one man or woman is not going to save us. I urge every Constitution loving person out there to turn back to the eternal truths and to re-educate yourself and those around you. Define the role of the President, Congress and the Supreme Court. Understand the 10th Amendment and how it can help us reign in some of this power. Get involved locally and ensure the election of Constitutionally minded Congressmen and Sheriffs. We are being distracted from the real solution. It is time to stop sinking to their level and rise UP. ~ Stacy Admin AsAMom.org