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Written by Kelley Admin~AsAMom.org

Over the last decade I have heard this statement from more and more people.

Our nation was founded by a group of individuals determined to craft a founding document limiting the power of the Federal Government.  The founders were fed up with the demands of a remote unelected supreme King who burdened the colonist with increasing taxes and unreasonable regulations.  The colonists chafed under the heavy burdens. They had very few rights and their interests were not represented in the King’s Parliament. “No taxation without representation” was a cry that brought our courageous citizen statesmen together to forge the Declaration of Independence from British rule and governing document, the Constitution of the United States.  The Constitution enumerates powers and duties of each of the three branches of the Federal Government. It created a system of checks and balances so none of the branches would become more powerful than the others. All other rights and duties not given to the Federal government were reserved to the State governments.

America’s Progressive Movement sparked by the scholarly work done by Woodrow Wilson at the turn of the century rethought the role of the government of the United States.  Intellectuals called for the fundamental transformation from the limits of Constitutionalism.  Progressives believed the Declaration and the Constitution had to be rethought and revised in light of the advancement or progress of the people since colonial times.  It was wrong to continue to limit the Federal Government actions when the people of the twentieth Century really wanted government to do more. It needed to grow ‘organically’ with the changes in society. The people were sufficiently educated and sophisticated to no longer fear a strong central government. The confining shackles of the Constitution needed to be changed.   The Progressives refused to consider the American principles that the founding documents enshrined.  The thought that the rights of man came from natural law (The Creator) and protection of those same natural rights, by the Constitution, was loathsome. This thought is the bedrock of the progressives. But a serious discussion of the modern Progressive movement is beyond the scope of this discussion. In retrospect, I believe, the meddling with the philosophy of the founders and the rethinking of the founding documents has resulted in some fundamental changes to our Constitutional Republic. Does the government still work for the people?  Does it only work for “big business”, cronies or for the personal enrichment of government officials?

Our Founders, flawed as they were, knew the nation would prosper if a triad of institutions, the family, the Church and the schools were strong. These are the foundation, the corner stone and the keystone of the United States Constitutional Republic.  Together generations were taught natural law, shared morals and values necessary for a free people to govern.

These three institutions our Constitutional Republic has relied upon are under siege. The unintended consequences of ‘attacking the triad’ have been catastrophic.

I am not alone in thinking that the legislation of the Great Society’s war on poverty had a huge impact on the American family. Welfare moved from a giving hand in time of need to a way of life passed on from one generation to the next. But that well-meaning ‘help’ for the family does not answer all the questions of how the American family has seen almost catastrophic collapse in some demographics. The assault on the family continues.

In recent years we have heard our President and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton using the phrase Freedom to Worship, not the Constitutionally protected Freedom of Religion.  ObamaCare regulations have attacked the Rights of Conscience of millions of Americans. Health and Human Services mandated the inclusion of abortion causing drugs in all medical plans, including Church institutions and Religious congregations, as well as private companies who object to the regulation.  The Supreme Court ruled that the family owned business Hobby Lobby was protected from this regulation.  Initially, I thought the ruling would cover churches and houses of worships and religious institutions. It did not. President Obama offered an offensive contraceptive mandate “accommodation” which does not protect the Rights of Conscience of those objecting to the inclusion of abortion causing drugs in their health plans. In my opinion, I believe there are many who would like to see the citizens’ Rights of Conscience and Freedom of Religion be limited to the interior of their preferred worship space. The voices of the leaders and members remain silent in the public square. Governments’ intrusion on the people’s Rights of Conscience and Freedom of Religion continue.

Our schools are also under attack. Lured by the promise of increased federal financial assistance many cash strapped states have embraced Common Core.  Schools, once controlled by local communities, must now follow the strict guidelines.  Schoolbooks which were rewritten to satisfy Common Core goals have further separated today’s students from the past that built a nation so capable that it saved the world from tyranny twice in one century.  Schools no longer pass on community morals and values because in the progressive dictatorship of relativism, whose morals and values would be taught?

Our families, houses of worship and our schools are under a continual barrage.  With the underpinning institutions weakened by continued attacks, our founding fathers’ idea of an inform citizen well grounded in the natural law, shared morals and values is undermined.

The irony is that policies meant to help have often hurt the targets of their ‘mercy’.  At a time when it is plainly apparent that race and nationality have nothing to do with an individual’s yearning for ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” we find that the common morals and values that served the country so well for centuries are being riven by the primacy of individual groups driven by the professionally insulted.

No, America is not perfect, nothing run by man will ever be perfect, but restoration of the triad is the only guaranteed way to do the best we can.  Anything less will do nothing more than substitute different groups as the oppressed and the cycle will start again.

So how do we get our elected officials to listen?  Do we take to the streets? Or do we begin conversations in our families, our churches and our schools? Because many people elected to public office are no longer servants of the public, but political élite who have to deal with the governments’ serfs…you and me.