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By PJB Texas, AsAMom.org Admin

This is perhaps the hardest Principle to write about.

As we all know, the Government decides how much of our money they want and they can take it… One way or another. The Government also seems to decide where our money is going to go.

I don’t know how long anger over this has been going on, but I do know back in the 60’s the hippies were mad at the Government for spending tax dollars on the war and they called the military “baby killers.”

I also know that the parents of the hippies told them they had no right to complain if they weren’t working and paying taxes. Parents of the hippies were the group called “The Greatest Generation” for hard work, pulling the country out of the depression, and fighting many wars to keep the world and our country safe.

And these same hippies grew up and started wars and slaughter babies with our tax dollars… they send our taxes overseas to people who hate us, They have taken away many peoples’ ability to work as they play with the financial markets, tax us out of the game, and regulate hundreds of jobs right out of the market place.

Due to their policies, the cost of everything is going up so it is nearly impossible to give anything other than time to charity.

Charity means love.

And so what we do give to the Government is not charity. It has nothing to do with our love for mankind. Only WE can determine that. Only WE can choose recipients of our charity, because charity does mean love. And we can tell from their actions, the Government loves no one.